The Unique Sound of British Brass

For Band Members

Program for the upcoming concert:
Friday March 13th CIYC CANCELLED
Star Trek #281
Lord of the Rings #287
The Simpsons #283
Waltz from Orient Express #280
Fire Divine #218
Eagle Squadron #286
Sing Sing Sing #288
Fiddler on the Roof #284
Dimitri #248
Mission Impossible #251
My Heart Will Go On #282
The Magnificent Seven #157
James Bond #11

Concert Schedule for 2020: (please put in your 2020 calendars and advise of any known conflicts)


Friday March 13th CIYC CANCELLED

Monday May 25th  Libbey Bowl  11:30 to 12:30 (tentative)

Friday June 19th CIYC (Patriotic: Flag Day/ 4thof July)

Friday September 4th CIYC

Wednesday November 11th Ventura Townehouse Veterans Day @10am

Tuesday December 15th Leisure Village Holiday 7 to 9pm

Friday December 18th CIYC Holiday 7 to 9pm

Tuesday December 22nd Ventura Townehouse Holiday 7 to 8:30pm

This year we will be having a less hectic rehearsal schedule, as we are doing a quarterly, every third month, four-concert- a-year CIYC performance schedule, rather than the bimonthly six concert a year schedule from years past.

It always seemed that after the first two rehearsals of each cycle we were pushing the band and Gary to rehearse/concentrate on more pieces so we could come up with a concert song lineup in time for the CIYC concert.

Now we will have 10 or eleven rehearsals between concerts, so we can rehearse at a more leisurely pace and try new pieces and play just for fun for a full month of each concert cycle.


Here is the annual recap of the general guidelines for the band member responsibilities and song selection/guidelines, your input is welcome for revisions or suggested revisions to these guidelines:

Guidelines for rehearsals/song selections/and covering your parts when you can’t make a concert:

  1. When starting a new concert cycle, the first four Tuesday rehearsals after a concert are “open” meaning any band member can request any song to be rehearsed, either in advance (preferred, so it can be included in the emailed rehearsal list, and so Gary can bring the score), or when Gary takes requests on rehearsal night the first 4 weeks.  Gary will also have arrangements that he has selected to rehearse, and ones from the ongoing band request list will always be considered to potentially be on the rehearsal list on these first few Tuesdays.
  2. Once we get to the 5th  rehearsal, we will need to start to focus on making a draft song list for the upcoming concert; so we will start to add some additional songs to make a well-rounded concert list, trying to include some arrangements requested by band members from the ongoing request list.
  3. This is your band, so we can respect if you do not like a particular arrangement and would prefer that we not play it.  If you want to delete a song from an upcoming concert list, we can usually honor your request and delete it, but please propose a replacement song to put in its place (rather than just saying “I don’t like that arrangement”).
  4. The exception to the above would be if a band member has requested to play this particular arrangement that you don’t want to play.  In this case, the band member request takes priority over your preference not to play it.
  5. Each band member has the primary responsibility for making sure that his/her part is covered for any given concert. Let Randy and Hal and your section leader know as soon as you know you cannot make a concert, obtain a sub if you can, and remind everybody once again a few weeks before the concert in case we’ve forgotten about your upcoming absence.

New Music in the books:
  Beauty and the Beast #273
  Cavatina fromThe Deer Hunter” #285
  Cruella De Vil #274
  Eagle Squadron #286
  Feather Theme from “Forrest Gump” #279
  Fiddler On The Roof #284
  Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Rings) #287
  March of the Cobblers #276
  My Favorite Things #275
  My Heart Will Go On from “Titanic” #282
  Our Town #271
  Patricia #277
  Schindler’s List #272
  Sing Sing Sing #288
  Smile written by Charlie Chaplin #278
  Star Trek IV The Voyage Home #281
  The Simpsons #283
  Waltz from “Orient Express” #280 

Reminder:  you can always check the current rehearsal list and upcoming concert details and song lists through the following link, please bookmark on your smartphones and computers,  (the “For Band Members” page on our website):

How to put a quick link icon on your iPhone homepage to take you to VBB website current song list for rehearsals/concerts:

In order to provide you with  a quick link on your iPhone home screen to the weekly song lists, here are the easy instructions to create that one-touch iPhone link to that song list.   You will probably want to print out the attached, or view this email on your PC, so you can easily follow the instructions while holding your iPhone separately.  (For any band member Android phone owners if you are tech-savvy, Android phone instructions would be appreciated………….)

Open Safari on your iPhone (Safari is the blue compass icon)

  1. Open the Ventura British Brass website (just type it in at the top), and click on the dropdown “Menu” and clock on the “For Band Members” page in the Menu .(or easier yet, just click on this link )Confirm that you are on the “For band members” page, the one that has info and song list for this week’s rehearsal.  Now tap the “Share” button (you may need to tap the bottom of your screen). The Share button looks like a box/page symbol with an arrow pointing up.
  2. In in the bottom row  of this Share screen  there are black and white icons, (which are below the top row with all the colorful icons (Message, Mail, Facebook , etc..)   Scroll in this bottom row to the icons on the right and you will see “Add to Home Screen,” with a grey cube icon with a “+” in it. Tap this icon.
  3. Tap on “Add” in the upper right-hand corner.  Before you tap, you can change the name to just “VBB” which is easier to see on your home screen.

The link will now magically appear on your last home screen page, a blue cube with a white “W” (for WordPress, where our free website is) with either VBB or ‘for band members’ underneath it.  You can move this icon to your first page in the usual way (press and hold until all app icons become wiggly, then hold and move at the bottom to the left until you get  to your first home screen.

Voila!  Now with a single touch of your finger you will have the current rehearsal/concert list with our weekly email.

  Reminder:  you can always check the current rehearsal list and upcoming concert details and song lists through the following link, please bookmark on your smartphones and computers,  (the “For Band Members” page on our website):


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