The Unique Sound of British Brass

For Band Members

Per Anne and Gary’s suggestions, we have added Amazing Grace at the beginning, and moved Punchinello to a potential encore piece 0r possibly William Tell as an encore.


October 5th, 2017

Call time 6:30    Downbeat 7 PM

Dress:  Black VBB Shirts and Black Pants 


Amazing Grace                                   1

Spanish Eyes                           246

Dimitri                 Craig solo   248

Bugler’s Holiday                             67

Nightingale in Berkeley Square         146

I Will Follow Him      Bone feature       61

Nobody Knows                                 194

Pirates of the Caribbean                 228




Fanfare Dukas                                   179

Londonderry Air   John McQ solo       14

Bare Necessities   tubaJim solo        254

Mission Impossible                            251

Hallelujah                                           253

When I’m 64                                      22

Concerto de Aranjuez  Randy solo     7

Bandology                                           4

Potential encores:  Punchinello              170


William Tell                 39


2017 Concert Schedule

Thursday, October 5th  CIYC

Saturday November 11th at 11 AM Ventura TowneHouse

Friday, December 8  CIYC

Leisure Village Christmas TBD



Reminder:  you can always check the current rehearsal list and upcoming concert details and song lists through your smartphone or computer via the following link, please bookmark,  (the “For Band Members” page on our website):



Add a permanent link or “favorite” on your PC and/or smart phone  (just copy and paste the link below) where you can instantly find out with a touch of a button the latest rehearsal list and latest song list for an upcoming concert.

Here’s a  link to Paul’s ongoing recordings of most of our concerts:  .


Time for a New Year’s refresher  of the  general guidelines for rehearsals/song selections:

  1. When starting a new concert cycle, the first two Tuesday rehearsals after a concert are “open” meaning any band member can request a song to be rehearsed, either in advance (to be included in the emailed rehearsal list), or when Gary takes requests on the first two Tuesdays.  Gary will of course also have arrangements that he  has selected to rehearse, and ongoing band requests (see below) will also always be considered to potentially be on the rehearsal list on these first two Tuesdays.
  1. Once we get to the third rehearsal, we will need to start to focus on a draft song list for the upcoming concert; so we will start to add some additional songs to make a well-rounded concert list, trying to include some arrangements requested by band members from the ongoing request list ( see below)
  1. This is your band, so we can respect if you do not like a particular arrangement and would prefer that we not play it.  If you want to delete a song, we can usually honor your request and delete it, but please propose a replacement song to put in its place (rather than just saying  “I don’t like that arrangement”).
  1. The exception to this would be if a band member has requested to play this particular arrangement that you don’t want to play.  In this case, the band member request takes priority over your preference not to play it.

Below is the  list started in 2015of new music obtained, or still looking for, and  ongoing band rehearsal requests

Let us know your new requests so we can keep the request list up to date (apologies if we have not listed some prior requests).

 New Music

 Malaguena (Mike)  221

Carousel (still need to find arrangement, Gary request)

Firebird Suite finale (Julie)

Moorside Suite (Linda)

Lux Aurumque, (“Light of Gold”) Sandy Smith arrangement (Chris Preston)

 Ongoing Band Request list, updated8/14/16

Moorside Suite   227

The Prayer    125

Nimrod       33

West Side Story   79

Punchinello    170

Gaelforce     69


Reminder:  you can always check the current rehearsal list and upcoming concert details and song lists through your smartphone or computer via the following link, please bookmark,  (the “For Band Members” page on our website):









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